What Happens When You Press and Suck Your Girlfriend's Nipple During Sex?

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If you think about it, nipples have to be some of the most underappreciated parts of a woman's body. We use them for breastfeeding and if we're lucky, we get to suck on them from time to time in bed. The bad news is, in all the years that nipples have been an integral part of human anatomy, we've never really put much thought into them.

It may come as a surprise to learn that they're actually really sensitive and can produce a similar sensation to some erogenous zones. In a recent study on nipple sensitivity, researchers discovered that nipples can feel the same way when they're being sucked as they would when they are being touched or rubbed. 

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They also found that men and women feel the same thing when their nipples are being sucked—a rush of arousal, which indicates that sucking on a girl's nipple is not just an automatic response to her moans, but an activity that actually feels good to them.

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Benefits of Sucking Breasts While Lying on The Lap of Girlfriend or Wife

1) Higher risk of STD infection

2) Risk of breast cancer

3) Increase the size and firmness of breasts.

4) It feels great for both men and women.

5) It allows the guy to impress his friends by acting macho and having the ability to perform such impressive feats of strength.

6) Increase love and bonding in couples.

7) It feels great and is good exercise for the tongue.

8) It improves Sexual Endurance Stamina 

9) It is a very inexpensive form of foreplay that can be done anywhere, anytime.

10) It is a great alternative to the dangerous practice of injecting silicone into the breasts.



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A Girl Can Lose Her Ability to Feel Her Nipples as a Result of Breast Surgery (breast lift)

If your girlfriend or wife has had breast surgery and can no longer feel her nipples, then you should try to get things back on track before she loses all sensitivity in them. If a girl loses the ability to feel her nipples, then it is a guarantee that she won't be able to climax during sex.

Remember, men are visual creatures and they want to see the response their sexual activity elicits in women. If a woman loses the ability to feel her nipples, then she is no longer a sexual creature and you can't expect her to respond with desire, arousal, and excitement. 


According to a report published by JAMA, it is very possible that women can have their nipples removed and not even realize it.



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What is the best way to suckle the breast?

It's best to suckle the breast from the side rather than from the front. This is because if you are doing it from the front, then you can end up getting something in your mouth that doesn't belong there. Very often, you'll find a woman's nipple is sticking out past her breast tissue.

It is a good idea to use your finger to loosen the nipple from the breast tissue before suckling from it. Before doing so though, you must find out if she likes it.

To do this, ask her to scrunch up her nose and wiggle it from side to side. This is the same reaction that she will have if she gets something in her mouth that she doesn't like.

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Do the Boobs Get Bigger When Guys Suck and Have Sex

Yes. It can be compared to working out – over time, you'll see your breasts change, get fuller, firmer, and even larger. The process is called the "Bovie effect," (named after gynecologist Dr. Harold L. Bovie, who first noted the phenomenon in the '40s), and is caused by tiny ruptures in your capillaries.

Women don't always notice the change right away – and neither do men, for that matter. But it is a good idea to keep a check on your breasts in order to make sure that you don't get ones that are too big for them.


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What Happens When You Press Your Tongue on Her Nipple While Sucking on It

I asked my girlfriend and she said, 'It sounds amazing!' Just make sure you don't push too hard with your tongue. Use a light, teasing touch. So that they don't feel pain and can enjoy that process. When she starts getting extreme pleasure, she starts giving signals to you with her hand on your head that she is feeling this thing. Which you can guess from sensual screaming.

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